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The Religion of George W. Bush

Faith is an important part of George W. Bush's life and it shows. There is nothing wrong with a President expressing his faith, but there can be problems when the contents of the faith express ideas that are not in line with the faith one professes. Sojourner's Magazine has a wonderful story by editor-in-cheif, Jim Wallis about Dubya's faith. Wallis takes great pains to repsect Bush's sincerity, but explains in stunning detail how his theology which is based on "empire" is contrary to the Gopsel preached by Jesus. This paragraph sums up the aim the article nicely. Listen to this quote from Theologian Martin Marty and then from Time columnist Joe Klein: "The problem isn't with Bush's sincerity, but with his evident conviction that he's doing God's will." As Christianity Today put it, "Some worry that Bush is confusing genuine faith with national ideology." The president's faith, wrote Klein, "does not give him pause or force him to reflect. It is a source of comfort and strength but not of wisdom."

 Religion should give us comfort and strength in dark times and Bush has exemplified that. But it should also give us the light of wisdom. We should be asking if such an action, like pre-emptive strikes, are in line with the Christian faith. Bush and many though not all of his evangelical followers are lacking in wisdom. Wisdom sometimes asks us to do things that are against coventional wisdom.

 The picture that is emerging about the dominant religion among many in the GOP is one that doesn't accept ambiguity, or critical thought. They see the world in black and white when there is a whole bunch of grey. They view God as a rather authoritarian God that blesses the good and damns the wicked instead of the God revealed in Christ who died for all of us sinners. The Religious Right has done a good job at articulating their social vision or lack thereof. Those of us, evangelical and mainline Christians, those of other faiths, must start articulating our social vision based on social justice.

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Neo-Con Dream Becoming Neo-Con Nightmare

The Neoconservatives behind Bush's foreign policy had it all planned out. Take over Iraq and throw out an evil dictator, find his weapons of mass destruction and the rest of the world would fall in line. Iran and North Korea would fear the power of the United States and obey, the Palestinians would get serious and talk to Israel and Pax Americana would begin-peace through strength.

Only it did not happen that way. As Time.com columnist Tony Karon notes, the wonderful world that they envisioned has not appeared and that is causing problems for Bush. Since September 11th, Bush has made the fight against terror his main thurst. But as Karon states, he has done a poor job of protecting us from another 9/11-style attack. While we did drive the Taliban from power, the weakness of the new government and the lack of attention from the US has allowed the Taliban to regroup. We also see that Iraq is now the new focus of the terrorists, exactly what Bush promised would end once we took over.

All this goes to show how much the whole Republicans-are-strong-on-terror is become another exaggeration. Republicans have been strong on defense. However, this current administration wants to fight and protect our nation on the cheap. We don't have the troops necessary to maintain security in Iraq. We have allowed Afghanistan to slide into an abyss again. We have angered long standing allies and favor newer allies who are too weak to question us. We have so favored Israel in the current row with the Palestinians, we have lost the air of fairness in the any steps toward peace.

Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan were not soft on their enemies either. However, they were willing to work within interantional frameworks to get what they wanted. Bush's foreign policy talks tough, but in the end, it is all show and a poor show at that.